How do I Add a Listing?

July 6, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Blog

Before add listing read through this page. We hope these tips will make it easier to add a quality listing for your business.

Step 1. Start by clicking on “Register Button” on top right of Main Page.

Step 2. Read registration instruction & click on “Close Button” on top right on popup window.

Step 3. Registration Page.

  • Fill all fields with required detail.
  • Solve reCAPTCHA.
  • Click on “Register Button” to Registered.

Step 4. Login using your username & password, & click Add Listing button on header menu.

Step 5. Select listing package & click Create Listing.

Step 6. Read some instruction & Fill all fields on add listing sections.

  • Write your Business name in Title.
  • Write about your business in Description
  • Give some keywords about your business (must be in small later) and click Listing sections

Step 7. Fill all mandatory fields in Listing Detail section & click below on Listing Category sections.

Step 8. Chose category related to your listing, you can chose 3 categories with Free Listing & click below Listing Attachments sections.

Step 9. Click add image to upload your business logo, you can add 2 another images, click Listing Location sections.

Step 10. Write complete physical address with city, state & zip code, map will auto detect your location, just select your address & Click on Save Listing.

Your listing will published but our team will review each listing manually, if it will against our website policy then we will remove your listing immediately without any notification.

Also you can change your listing detail any time you want.