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Corpora Photography

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2308 Mount Vernon Ave #333
Alexandria, Badakhshan 22301
United States of America
(703) 447-9197

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Who We Are

We are a group of photographers and visual marketers led by Jorge de Casanova. Jorge’s inspiration comes from having a hearing deficiency caused by otoxicity, an overprescription of antibiotics, as a child. Initially undiagnosed, his world became very visual which eventually led to his deep interest in all imagery. This later grew into a passion for photography and visual marketing. Today, he leads his team in capturing images that resonate and convey our clients marketing message.

What We Do

At Corpora Photography we have taken the time to build a business that is specifically tailored to fulfilling the photography needs of today’s meeting professionals. We understand that your event is a culmination of work spanning months, even years, which is compressed into just a few days. Corpora Photography is a willing, flexible partner to help ensure the success of your event.

Why Choose Us

We care about your success

We enjoy working with organizations to create unique images that represent their brand for online platforms such as company websites, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media. Now, more than ever, your online image needs to be the best it can be. Contacts are so often made first virtually and that first impression is important. We will help you make it your best.

We make our clients stand out

Corpora Photography makes a difference, whether it’s your biggest event of the year, or maybe you just need headshots for your sales force. When you need great photography and a hassle-free experience, Corpora Photography is the solution. Our creative and inquisitive nature positions us well to collaborate about your organizational goals and come up with images that further your marketing needs.

We have the best customer service

Yes, we know that is a bold statement. However, we believe that this is true. Central to Corpora Photography’s culture is excellence in customer service and by listening and understanding our client’s goals we provide excellent photography coupled by outstanding customer service.

We really enjoy what we do

We are always thankful to work on exciting projects. It has been our experience that meeting planners are some of the hardest working in the industry and we make it our mission to translate this dedication in the best way possible

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