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Intermountain Audiology: St. George

161 W 200 N #110
St George, Utah 84770
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Opening Hours Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday; 8am-7pm, Thursday, Friday; 8am-5pm, Saturday; 8am-3pm
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How can you be sure you are choosing the right audiologist or hearing health care professional? We have restored hearing clarity in over 15,000 patients and have put together the following suggestions:

Trust but Verify! Your audiologist or hearing care professional should have exceptional online reviews and be able to provide you with real-life patient testimonials. Click here to read some of our testimonials.
Your Patient Experience Is Paramount. The hearing care professional you choose should provide you with an amazing patient experience. There is more to a great experience than top-notch clinical care. For example, our Intermountain Audiology team has worked with companies such as the Walt Disney Institute to help provide you with an exceptional overall patient experience.

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