Life Loves You – Love Your Life and Let Life Love Your Back

August 20, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

The Guiding Voice Says Life Loves You.
In this video, the author through her intuition is sharing examples as to why Life Loves You.
It was very obvious to me that LIfe Loves Us after I read the book written by Louise Hay – ”Life
Loves You”

Even though deep down I knew the reason for existence is LOVE.
I’m sure everyone in their lifetime has wondered what life is about, at least once. I am no different; I have wondered what life is about. What’s my life about? Why do we exist? Who created us? Why were we created? I’ve thought about these questions when I was happy when something made me sad when I was in despair, or when everything seemed against me and made me angry.

And every time, every single time I asked these questions, the answer to one question has always been the same. The reason for our creation, the reason for any and every creation is Love.
Here in this video, we will be understanding
– Why LIfe Loves You
– How Life Loves Us irrespective of the situation.
– How to turn the tides by just believing LIfe Loves You.

In our next Video, We would be discussing Fear.
What is Fear all about. Is Fear Real or is just a thought?
We always naturally think, we are fearful, but we never question our fears. We never enquire into the nature of fear. Where did this fear come from, what damages it’s causing us? How do we overcome it?

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