Costa Rica Real Estate

August 9, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Services

Named the “Rich Coast” appropriately by Columbus upon discovery in the early 1500s, and hailed as “the hottest real estate market on the planet” by CNBC, Costa Rica has become the cornerstone for political stability and safety in Central America.

The rich and diverse country has enjoyed a democratic and peaceful way of life since it was founding in 1889, and in 1949 made the bold move of abolishing its army entirely, instead of placing all resources towards education and health care. This in turn has lead to the Costa Rica of today- a country with an advanced socialized health care system that covers over 98% of its citizens, a literacy rate that rivals that of the First World (hovering at around 95%), and a standard of living unrivaled by any of its Central American neighbors.

With more of its land area dedicated to National Parks and Reserves than any other country in the world (some 25%), it is no wonder Costa Rica has been attracting tourists and investors to its breathtaking coastline, tropical forests and lush green rolling mountains for years. is proud to offer clients the widest variety of real estate listings in Costa Rica. Explore this exciting country with Costa Rica Property Listing